Monthly Archives: October 2007

He doesn’t understand my heart and he never will

but I can’t leave him.

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I can see my dog run across the beach he loved

He died six months ago and I can’t stop crying.

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When my boss tells me to make him coffee, I spit in it

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I don’t believe in heaven

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I think we should tag criminals the same way we tag animals

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This is where I had sex with my wife for the first time

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I fear what we have become

Editor note: There is actually a image on this postcard of the evolution of man from monkey to man with the last image a soldier with a machine gun turned around and pointing it back at man – the image is done in very light yellow and the scanner does not pick it up well. You may have to look at your computer from a side angle to see the image.

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I believe in mermaids

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I drink alone at home

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I take advantage of my authority more than I should

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