The Right Person

My life would dance for the right person.

My life would dance for the right person.

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2 Responses to The Right Person

  1. Themby says:

    Iam going through a lot with my boyfroiend he promised me love but iam not getting,life is so unfair for me..i feel numb

  2. wil says:

    wow! im trying this for the first time and iam a little skeptical.
    and if this works i should be back again.lord in the mean while i ask that all the people that are on here may they find peace with themselves. can you help these people peace for you are the peace:and that you lead them to the light, everlasting father? for iam down but yet have a grieving mother who is that the brink of emotional and mental distress.who i love but dont care for her attitudes and me who chooses his fate with knowledge but no wisdom. such reddundicies i have committed who but you know i have a confessions that i can come to you alone and confess you are not just up but all over breathing your devineness.father will you touch our lives in a way thats you know is befitting? and i speak to you from the depths of earth believe you me we all that have fallen prey togive up our very souls reach out to us GOD because many of us seem to lose sight of our very workings that you have created alot of us have not even begin to accept that you are and always will be the life of our very existence so i ask the power of the blood to cover the sins of the people which are Jesus’ the blood of sufferring and heartache and pain& agony. but yet victorious and living lord I ask that you save us from the name of the Son most high our saviour Jesus

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