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11 Responses to Comments

  1. Isn’t this a ripoff of Post Secrets?

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for your comment. We feel that confessmail is a compliment to their site of which we like very much and has inspired us to some degree to create this site. We do, however, feel we are different in a number of ways:

    1. We strive for at least one new confession daily (and hopefully many more in the future)

    2. We allow constructive comments on individual confessions allowing people to interact and express their feelings, thoughts and advice on the confessions made.

    3. We keep all the confessions online so they can be viewed and searched at any time in the future. This allows people to search for confessions that meet their interests. This also means so that if someone is busy, they won’t miss any and can come at any time to browse through those that have been posted.

    4. We allow (and encourage) postcard responses to confessions that have been made so that the art continues beyond the confession itself.

    Just as there are many blogs on the same subject (how many tech blogs exist), video sharing sites (there is a lot more than youtube), and news outlets for that matter, we feel we are similar but different with our own unique features.

  3. So it is. I understand that your sight is slightly different (posts daily, not weekly, etc). But the underlying idea is not original. Post Secrets is more than a blog with weekly postings, it is an idea. One that you have now coopted. No one respects the “just like youtube, only second!” online video content website.

    Oh, that said, I recognize I only found your blog because you posted a comment to mine–a comment that was actually substantive and not mere self-promotion. For that, I do realize that my criticism is disproportionate.

  4. admin says:

    Rarely is an idea original and we are not claiming that this is – but the presentation is different. To make an analogy, you have probably written on topics that others have written on before you. That’s because the subjects that anyone blogs about have usually been blogged by others before. That does not mean that the posts are unworthy. This is a fun project on our part that we enjoy doing. If others also find enjoyment or interest in it, all the better.

    People often build on ideas and take them in their own direction. That is all we are doing here. If you enjoy Post Secret then I hope that you would also enjoy this site – while the content is collected in the same way, the content itself is completely original to this site so there will likely be confessions you have not seen elsewhere. In addition, you have the chance to interact if you so desire.

    I also believe that you are incorrect in your assessment of nobody respecting anyone but the first. Google wasn’t the first search engine, but they provided search results in a different way. the iPod was not the first MP3 player, yet it was done in a different way. There are some quality video sites out there other than youtube. This again, is not to take anything away from Post Secret which we enjoy immensely and is a great idea that we’d like to share even more of in different ways. It’s just to point out that there can be more of one thing that can be enjoyed by many even if it isn’t the first.

    If you have decided from the start that this site is unworthy because it is similar to another one, that is your choice. I would hope, however, that you judge the content for the content itself and you may find this site is a destination that compliments the other sites that you enjoy.

    I thank you for bringing up a topic that maybe others have also considered. Whatever you choose to do, we always wish everyone well in all their endeavors.

  5. Well, for someone who has decided to engage in online content posting, you are certainly very metered and thoughtful. Thanks for the dialogue!

  6. Frigga says:

    I found you the same way Mr. Bad Apologies did, through a thoughtful comment you left on my blog (THANK YOU!). And I thought what he did at first – “oh a knock off of post-secret.”

    But then I read the comments posted and your comments above. I like the way you have things set up and will definitely be back for more!

  7. admin says:

    Thank you for the comment. One of the things that we truly enjoy about the confessions is that they can be interpreted by the reader in many different ways. It’s always good to hear that someone enjoys how it has been set up and is worthwhile enough to make a trip back here on occasion.

  8. Marla says:

    The thing I can’t stand about this site is that the secrets are smeared in a huge title right before the picture. I want to read it from the photo, not from your horrid font.

  9. admin says:

    Hmmmm, interesting point and something that I hadn’t considered. Let me think about this a bit and see if I can come up with a workable solution. Do you have any suggestions on how we could make it better?

  10. Marla says:

    I like that the text is there, just in case I can’t read it. Just put it after the submission, not before.

  11. admin says:

    I think leaving the confession out of the title is a good idea. You will see from now on it will simply be a basic description on what the confession is about. I will add the confession (if I can read it 😉 ) after the postcard. Thanks for your suggestion – it’s much appreciated.

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