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Each confession should be sent on a standard 4-by-6-inch postcard. The postcard should contain your written confession decorated with art which helps convey your confession. The entire confession and art work should be on a single side of the postcard as only one side of the postcard will be scanned and uploaded to the site. There is no limit on what you can confess, but the confession should be true and one that you are sharing for the first time.

In order for your art work to stand out on the site

Be Visual: While your confession will be written, it is the visual aspect of your submission that will be the most telling part of the confession. Be creative in letting the visual portion give power to your confession.

Short & Sweet: Let the visual artwork do most of the talking and keep your written confession short and sweet.

Make It Visible: Use bold and big lettering when writing your confession so that everyone can easily read it.

Mail your confessions (or any other correspondence) to:
2570 Rosewood St.
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While we will only post an image of the artwork portion of your submissions, if you want to remain truly anonymous, you should take precautions not to write your return name and address on your submission(s).

ConfessMail Responses

If you see a confession that moves you to reply, we highly encourage you to do so with a postcard of your own. Follow the same procedure as above, but note on the front in the address that the postcard is a response:
response to: “entry title & date”
2570 Rosewood St.
Medford, OR 97504

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59 Responses to Send a Confession

  1. black bee says:

    sometimes i feel like the reason my so called best friend is a jerk, is that she doesn’t really care for me as a person. I secretly think that she has to be nice to me coz she is always tight on money and she knows i will stretch my hand out to help her. I can’t wait to graduate, the thought of no longer seeing her all the time makes me feel so much more better inside.. after I graduate i can’t wait to start afresh and move far away from her.

  2. brownie says:

    I was molested since i was i think 3 or 4 yrs old by my older brother until i was 10, i was molested by my cousin when i was 5, i was molested by a pastor when i was 17 and another one of my cousins and i messed with each other about 2 yrs ago. (we both act like to this day nothing happened). I was molested my freshman-sophmore yr by another cousin. I hope everyday that none of my future children will ever be molested when they come into this world.

  3. clouded says:

    my boy friend have sex all the time, in fact I used to care about keeping my virginity but now i don’t care. No one but God, his mom, dad, me and i know. I think my mom secretly thinks i do, but is happy that i am making good grades and that i have made it further than she did than she even expected.. thats why i think she remains silent about it..

  4. walking away says:

    I wish i had a flat tummy and smaller arms I actually think i would be happier, instead of hating my body everytime i look in the mirror. Even though my bf says he likes my body i think he deserves better. his ex gf had a flat tummy.. but i think only coz i have a booty and a chest that he says i have a good body.

  5. deep says:

    I get happy thinking about how everyone will wish they treated me better once i make it.. espically the one person who calls me best friend. I actually intend on slowly cutting ties. I just haven’t found the courage to do it..

  6. counting says:

    Confessing here is so much better than telling people to their faces how much what they did made me suffer:
    1. molested for over 10 yrs of my life
    2. was teased so much for being black as a child
    3. had friends chose other friends over me
    4. was told i was a “mistake”
    5. was talking to a guy for two yrs until i asked him what i was to him, he said just a friend… (after all the times he said he liked me) and had the nerve to tell my cousin he likes her now

    127) oh yeah but i am the first person in my family to walk across the stage and get my degree (now everyone wants to be at my graduation)
    128) i completed college with an entire full ride scholarship
    129) and i have been awarded a full ride for masters
    130) everyone from high school wants to be in my life, like we were best friends
    131) The best part about it is, i know i will become somebody i am just scared.. about the road not taken and no one knows that..

  7. Long Gone. says:

    Ive been dating a guy for about a 1 1/2 and ive cheated on him several times (lost count) with my ex boyfriend. and i feel horrible. and idk why i did it. but now every morning when i wake up to my boyfriend, i feel guilt,

  8. carebare says:

    My fiance drowned and died. He was my soulmate. I am married now to a new man. I will never love him the way I loved my fiance. This marriage is one of convenience and security. My husband thinks I love him like he loves me.

  9. nothinginparticular says:

    I act like I care about hanging out with my friends and doing things but really the only thing i get up to in the morning is the guy I’m in love with who hates everything and is as apathetic as I am. I don’t know how much longer I can keep this routine.

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